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Introducing AVRO dx

Watch the video below and get the low-down on AVRO dx's tools

Bilingual Dictionary

You can search for a term, an expression, even a proverb or a sentence, either in English or in Portuguese.

Unabridged Database

Currently, AVRO dx has a database comprising over 250,000 entries... and growing daily.

Entries Not Found (ENF)

Our research team tracks down terms and expressions that users haven't found in the existing database.

New entries are added in the shortest time possible, sometimes within the hour, and the user who searched for them is informed by e-mail and through AVRO dx's distinctive interactivity system.

Collocations & Example Sentences

Entries contain practical, to-the-point collocations and example sentences, and many of them include NOTES with pertinent background or supplementary information.

Technical Terms

Thousands of technical terms with reliable definitions covering a wide range of fields.

Search History

You searched for a term but don't quite remember what it was and you want to see it again? Access your search history.

Pictures & Vectors

Over 3,500 high-definition images and pictures.

Systematic Integrated Translation (SIT)

SIT is an exclusive suite composed of a variety
of tools that will help you:

Significantly Slash
Your Translation Time

SIT introduces two ground-breaking concepts called Local Useful Matches (LUM) and Remote Useful Matches (RUM).

LUM lets you identify and take advantage of recurring terms, phrases, expressions, and even entire paragraphs in the text you're working on! In addition to helping you ensure consistency throughout the file, you'll also be boosting your income potential by doing more in less time.

Access Files You
No Longer Remember
Where They Are

You must have dozens, maybe hundreds, of files stored in your computer, a treasure trove of vocabulary – individual terms, sentences, paragraphs, perhaps even most of the contents of an entire file – you've accumulated over time and could tap into and use with the translation you are working on now. How many times have you said, I know I've translated a file exactly like this one for the same client, but I just don't know when nor where it is? In a case like this, all those files are nothing more than a white elephant. Think how much time you could save if you had access to all of them at your fingertips.
With RUM, you do!

Create Your Own
Cloud Database

SIT helps you organize your files by pairing up source-language files with their respective target-language counterparts so you can build your own personal cloud database.

Search AVRO dx
While Working With SIT

Because AVRO dx is fully integrated into SIT, you can search the database without leaving the SIT environment. All you have to do is select a term and click on the AVRO dx icon.

Multilingual Translation Platform

If you work with any of the languages listed above, you
can use ALL the tools provided by SIT, keeping in mind
that the AVRO dx database can only be used for
English-Portuguese or Portuguese-English searches.

Manage Your Clients

Managing your clients will be a cinch with the
Client Management tool, which lets you:

  • create as many clients as you want;
  • register each one of them along with all their corporate information;
  • link one or more files to a particular client;
  • set up one or more project files from a specific client as a translation job;
  • automatically generate bids.

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